Essentials for Buying a Good Portable Soda Maker


Being able to enjoy a refreshing, fizzy drink at the park or the beach is an amazing experience, but one that usually requires a lot of effort and space. If you want to enjoy your own sodas and carbonated beverages outdoors without having to carry a cooler full of cans, then a portable soda maker might be right up your ally. Read on to discover what to look for when choosing the best portable soda maker.

Overall Size and Shape

It might seem obvious, but still worth mentioning. A soda maker with an overall smaller size is going to be much easier to take with you than one of the bigger, clunkier models. That’s not to say that you can’t bring a standard kitchen soda maker with you on your next outing, but it’s just going to be trickier.

Any CO2 soda maker is technically going to be portable, since it doesn’t require a power source, but some models will need a flat surface to operate or additional space. Also, transporting these models can be dangerous because of the increased risk of damaging the canister.

Carbonator Method

A standard soda maker is going to use a larger CO2 canister to carbonate the beverages, since they are designed to create around 30 to 60 liters of soda before running out. Ideally, you’re going to want a soda maker that uses small CO2 cartridges, since they pose a significantly smaller risk in the event that they get punctured or otherwise come loose.

Some models involve single-use cartridges, which allow you to quickly and easily fill a single bottle so you can start making your soda right away. If you do go with a single use cartridge model, make sure you have a clear way to dispose of them safely, and that they are fully depleted before you remove them from the device.

Bottle Capacity

Most portable soda makers are going to feature a smaller bottle capacity, since they often also come with a smaller capacity CO2 canister. The key here is to make sure that you understand the capacity and have the right number bottles to make enough soda for everyone. Otherwise, you’re going to be doing a lot more work than is necessary.

For example, if your soda maker is designed to make single-serving drinks, you might need to purchase a few additional bottles so that you don’t have to empty one out and clean it before making the next drink. On the other end of the spectrum, a large bottle might limit your ability to make different flavors, and require extra effort and space to keep any unused amount.

Cleaning Requirements

It’s important to think about the cleaning requirements of a portable soda maker, since you probably won’t have access to a standard sink with most outdoor gatherings. If you have to pour the flavor mixture directly into the bottle of carbonated water to create the beverage, and then clean it out before using it again, it may not be the best choice. This is especially important when you’re dealing with a soda maker that requires large bottles, unless you already have multiples that you can use easily.

Other Considerations

You should also think about the way you plan to transport your soda maker, so that you can choose a model that won’t cause extra complications. Some models are specifically designed to fit into a backpack for easy carrying, which is great when space is limited or when you are going to experience a lot of bumps that could cause problems with larger CO2 canisters.