Should You Use Glass or Plastic Bottles with a Soda Maker?


One of the best parts about a home soda maker is that they typically work with reusable bottles, which means less waste and more savings in the long run. While you can usually find plastic bottles for most soda makers, some models are designed to work with glass bottles. This begs the question: Which type of bottle is best? Read on to learn about the ups and downs of each type, and make the final decision for yourself.

Plastic Bottle Pluses

One of the biggest benefits of plastic bottles is the price – both in terms of the actual bottles and the types of soda makers that use them. Since plastic is inexpensive to produce and very accessible, you’re going to be able to pay less up front for a soda maker that uses this type of bottle. Plastic bottles are also very light while also being quite durable, so you don’t have to worry about them shattering and making a dangerous mess if you accidently drop one. You can usually find plastic soda bottles in a 1-liter size, which means you can easily make enough soda for multiple people to enjoy drinks at a time.

Plastic Bottle Minuses

The biggest drawback to plastic bottles is definitely their lifespan, which is only going to be around two years in most cases. After this point, the bottle will become weaker and won’t be able to contain the fizziness of the soda as well as when it was new. It may also pose a health concern, as the plastic can start to deteriorate and contaminate your beverages with chemicals. If you use plastic soda maker bottles, you are going to have to purchase new ones every few years to ensure the best use experience and highest level of safety.

Glass Bottle Benefits

Glass bottles are going to give you a considerably longer lifespan compared to plastic bottles, since you will never need to replace them for loss of pressurization or for fear of contamination. This means you only need to buy new bottles if you want more, or if one of them physically breaks. You can typically find glass soda maker bottles in smaller sizes, which are perfect for single servings or for enjoying that classic glass soda bottle feel. There are also many soda bottles that come in stylish and attractive designs.

Glass Bottle Downsides

Even though you won’t need to replace a glass soda bottle regularly, if you do have to replace one you might face a few difficulties. First of all, glass bottles are going to be more expensive than plastic bottles because of the process necessary to create them. Since soda makers that use glass bottles are much less common, you are also going to be paying more for that soda maker up front. Finally, the glass bottles are going to be heavier to use, and are not always available in larger sizes. This can make preparing multiple drinks inconvenient, especially if you don’t have multiple bottles ready for each person to use.

The Final Conclusion

While each type of bottle has its own advantages and disadvantages, it’s still hard to declare a single type better than the other. Plastic bottles are definitely better for anyone who wants to make lots of soda and doesn’t like worrying about breaking a bottle and paying a lot for a replacement. Glass bottles are the clear choice for those of you who want a simpler experience and don’t like the worry of needing to replace the bottles frequently. In the end, use your own experience and personal preference to choose the bottle type that’s right for you.